what we do

SkyTechNet Corporation’s sole purpose is to supply One Work Field Force in Information Systems. Our men and women learn and train to do everything they need to get a job done with respect and hard work. We save businesses money with our fast and efficient service.

We also have partnerships  with Microsoft, Timberline, Dell, Cisco/Linksys, TrendMicro  and other vendors. With these and other contacts, we can offer you services at a less expensive rate than any other vendor. We do our best to give you our best price on all IT orders for hardware and software needs.



work team

  • Owen Moskowitz

    Owen Moskowitz, Owner and founder of SkyTechNet Corporation. Started the business in…

  • Daniel Moskowitz

    Daniel Moskowitz ,  As soon as Daniel graduated from high school he has…

What You Will Receive:

  • Hard Work
    We work hard  , going onsite installing, fixing and service , pc , server and network devices .  From start to finish we never stop ...
  • Time Management
    We strive to save our customer money by completing our projects on our Quoted Estimated Time!